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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV, Remodel Projects, Vendors, Why You Should Hire Jim as your Buyer's Agent | 5 comments | Print Print

Pool Demo

This video shows a remodel in progress being completed by one of my clients.  The 2,506sf house was built in 1961 on a 12,000sf lot, and the seller was the original owner.

They are removing the pool – we finally get to witness a pool demo!  This video starts with my “before” photos – but click on this old-pool photo to enlarge.  >>>

Long-time owners are selling – if you can get your arms around doing a thorough remodel, I have the people who can help!


  1. PLEASE tell me their doing those wonderful cantina doors! 🙂


  2. I already know I cannot afford it, but I have to ask: Do you know the cost of the remodel?



  3. That mod design is sweet, great job by the acrhitect! With new trusses you can essentially take out all interior walls without adding beams. You can order the trusses however you want with the tray ceiling details too. Everyone is using Ramona Truss Company now since Dixieline closed their truss yard.

    Love the retro Ikea cabinet color too, no Cantina doors however, it would have been a perfect spot though. You can see they did the Milgard sliders cause the sticker is on there.

    I am getting ready to DIY a pool removal next month at my rental house in Clairemont. Essentially you just break out the bottom so it will drain and then chip away the top 2 feet all around as well as the flat work and throw everything inside. Finally, you add dirt and compact it. Not too hard if you have the resources.

    Nice video Jim, love to see remodel stuff baby!


  4. This video was awesome – thanks for sharing!


  5. When compacting dirt, is it better to rent one of those gas-powered compactors or get one of those hand-rollers you fill with water?



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