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  1. Now I’m sick. I held the contract on the $760 REO in LCG by using the listing agent to represent us. We let it go cause my wife decided she didn’t want to be in San Marcos school district and now it’s been flipped for over a million….. This is me in disbelief.

  2. the party is back on. thank ben bernak.

    seems like the coastal areas are going to be ina bigger bubble than before. I wonder how long this party lasts?

  3. At least this time I own a house. Not just sitting on the sidelines looking in.

    It’s too bad much of the action is based on SS fraud. If nobody goes to jail fraud just becomes the standard for doing business.

    What truly sucks about all this is banks are enabling it. Nobody seems to blink an eye at 100k+ losses. Imagine how much time it takes for joe six pack making 40-60k to save up that kind of money.

  4. Shadash run for Attorney General!

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