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When Jim Represents Buyers

This video shows an example of the case I would prepare on behalf of a buyer making an offer on a house in Bird Rock – it demonstrates the supporting data I would use to back-up my buyer’s offer price. You would think that this is standard practice for agents, but surprisingly, hardly any do it.

When I represent sellers, I would send comps with our counter-offer to support the seller’s price!

What’s the point? With the lack of comps, there is a 5% to 10% swing in price for any house. The final sales price is usually determined by which agent has the better powers of persuasion.

The Chelsea listing agent is a 30-year veteran of the business, yet she had only one closing this year – for $280,000 – before this one closed.  I called her for an explanation as to why the sales price dropped to $975,000 from a list price of $1,185,000, and she said, “the sellers wanted to sell”.

We call that the “Ole close” – she just got out of the way.  Get good help!