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  1. Very cool. Enjoyed seeing the small differences between Gill’s earlier work in the house and his later addition. What a great place to be able to call home! Thanks Jim and to the family for letting us get a peek inside.

  2. Great job Jim.

    It’s gratifying to see truly fine homes preserved instead of the tear-down/rebuild that’s prevalent today.

    Love that view!

  3. Wow, that’s a gorgeous house and lovely gardens. Thanks to Curt and the generous owners for arranging to share it with us. Thanks, Jim! I could have watched another hour of video while hearing their stories too. Fascinating.

  4. Why would anyone who hates Torrey Pines move to La Jolla?

  5. As a newcomer to some of the crazy california laws, such as Prop 13 … it would be interesting to look up the property taxes for the home.

  6. @5, I did look them up and they pay substantially more in property taxes than I do as a 25 year home owner “benefiting” from Prop. 13. They also pay substantially more than my neighbors who bought their home two years ago.

    FWIW, they’ve also been paying property taxes for the last 100+ years.

    Perhaps as a newcomer you don’t realize that the assessed value is allowed to rise at 2% per year and that in some parts of California that means even old timers are now able to challenge their assessed value as being too high. 🙄