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  1. nice

    did they even try to offer a lower price and get a counter?

  2. first time i’ve ever heard of the market catching up with the price.

  3. Poll Question:

    If Cal Worthington has his dog Spot, what kind of mascot should JtR have?

    kidding aside….

    You were way ahead of the competition by taking advantage of youtube to market yourself in the early days of Having you in front of the camera works well for you.

  4. first time i’ve ever heard of the market catching up with the price.

    Agreed, we haven’t seen that since 2004, and it was then that the value-range pricing became popular because nobody knew how high people would go to win a house.

  5. You made me laugh out loud at this one Jim, well played my friend!

  6. Good score Jim!!!

  7. I thought you were going to break into that MTV style of having two cameras with you speaking into one, then cross-cutting to a camera covering you talking into the first camera. If you can, you should try that. That kind of production value is streets ahead of anything any other realtor is doing, and isn’t hard to pull off with a little planning. Give it a try sometime.
    Good show, Jim!

  8. A good estate agent should be able to cover the cost of his commission out of the higher price he obtains for his client (just). A bad one however can lose you a small fortune.

  9. Congrats, JtR!

    It was a good property, worth the price.

  10. Mr Lucky… Jim the Realtor!

  11. Daytrip!

    Ha! I about choked when I saw proper use of “streets ahead”. Can I call you Pierce?

  12. A star is born! 😉

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