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  1. Which bank finally trickled this place out onto the market a year after foreclosing?

    The agent who accidentally took both sets of keys deserves an accidental swim in that pool.

  2. I have to play dumb here….

    Are the keys not there because some buyer’s agent is trying in vain to stifle competition? In other words, prevent other people from viewing the property so as to prevent competing offers?

  3. Yes.

    Other competition-stiflers include breaking off a key inside the lock, jamming the lockbox, and leaving a stinkbomb in the toilet.

  4. umm….but anyone can submit an offer to purchase on a property sight unseen. So are these agents really that dumb?

  5. No, they know that a lot of buyers won’t write an offer without having seen inside the property. What a lot of buyers don’t realize is that you typically have an inspection period after you open escrow.

    That pool reminds me of Armando’s (from Flip This House) famous swim:

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