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  1. It’s heartbreaking to know that the Government cuts NASA funding.

  2. There has to be living lifeforms out there somewhere. It will be really strange if we ever find it.Hopefully they are friendly.

  3. It cost 2 billion dollars to do this. That money could’ve been used for much better things IMO.

  4. @GettinReady

    Are you trolling?

  5. I agree with comment #1 AND #4. As big of a fan of NASA as I am (watched it unfold live on the NASA channel) we are in survival mode folks–we shouldn’t be, but becuse of poor money management, we are. It is no different than the baseball fan having to get rid of his charished season tickets in order to make ends meet for the family–it is a luxury and we have to make cuts somewhere. The real shame is that we shouldn’t be in this situation at all!

  6. Re #1 and#4. You miss the point, it shows American engineers are still capable of really high quality innovative design work! (US success rate slightly over 50%)(Definition of an American engineer…..someone who can design a disposable beer can that will last 2000 years and an automobile that will be lucky to last 5)

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