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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV, Encinitas | 4 comments | Print Print

Are Banks “Heavily Discounting”?

The mainstream media keeps banging home the idea that banks are giving away properties. Do you see a lot of giveaways? It seems that they are trying to get as much as anyone else:


  1. I seriously doubt the heavy discounts in s cal.

    Dont they hire a broker to give them a BPO?

  2. Did Zach get a finders fee, or a nice steak dinner?


  3. “Heavy Discounts” are going to shady-backroom-backstabbing wheeler-dealers who have no problems breaking laws and reasonable concepts ethical actions.

    Of course, they are also better known by their street name: Short Sale Specialists.


  4. wow….paid 195K and owed 700k. The 500k was obviously not spent on the house. So, where did it go?

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