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  1. This house is a teardown even with the view of the power lines. You’d have to redo everything including that serial killer stairwell. Check for bodies buried under the garage Jim?

  2. Funny but the first photo on the MLS contains no power lines. Was it taken on the roof?

    I would say $700k and then $200k for complete renovation.

    Good example of problem with professional/photo shopped photos. The pictures and Jim’s video are like night and day.

  3. Power lines kill it for me. Every day I would be annoyed.

    BTW the other day you were musing about views and wondering if the wow factor lasted. I bought a “big view” home for the view and after living her for about six years now can tell you that every single day we appreciate that view.

    For buyers who care about view, I don’t think you get used to it and I don’t think it ever gets old.

  4. Come on stop being so harsh. Teardown?

    I’m thinking Mid Century Modern with 80’s accents!

  5. Are you kidding me right now? $1,000,000 gets you a kitchen that needs to be gutted, a maze layout, new flooring throughout, paint on every single surface including the exterior, every bathroom needs to be gutted, the wood paneling needs to go and replaced with proper drywall, all new appliances, new windows, tear out the front patio looking thing and make it usable, tear out the “ticket booth” in the garage and resurface the disgusting concrete and probably finish it out (admittedly I didn’t get a good look since it was so dark), landscaping, new water heater, probably a new furnace… should I go on? You need a whole new house there. So, yes. Teardown.

  6. If it were possible to get historical designation and a Mills Act property tax reduction on this, I think I could certainly live with most of its mid-century quirks, properly cleaned up and restored. It isn’t that bad.

    Okay, maybe not the ceilingpaper.

  7. Great view, location, and a good amount of square footage. That is what you are paying for here. You can get new for a lot less but you are going to be further from town and that view back toward the skyline over the bay is one of a kind in San Diego. Personally, I would rather buy something a little smaller down in La Playa or sunset cliffs which gets you clear of the plane noise. I don’t think too many mid-century homes are going to qualify for the Mills Act. Most historical properties at least in my hood are turn of the century.

  8. Oh, yeah. People hate powerlines, but loooooooove their electricity, now don’t they.

  9. Wait, did anyone read the article where she had up to 50 cats?

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