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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV, Solana Beach | 4 comments | Print Print

Solana Golf

Wouldn’t you want to live in a one-story house on the golf course?

It sounds great in theory, but how many of those do you see for sale around the coast?  The supply-and-demand alone might be strong enough to propel a sale here:


  1. This is the second attempt at uploading this video and the flickering didn’t go away this time. I don’t know if it is youtube or the camera now.

    This is a half-acre lot so the trees obstructing the view are probably on this property – cut them down?


  2. If me and a few friends were out back on a quiet early evening sitting in cushioned patio chairs sippin’ our sangria and chatting away, would a wide open view of the golf course really enhance the pleasure? Doesn’t work for me. I’d prefer a bit of seclusion.

    Or what if I was out back just sunning myself? No audience, thank you.


  3. would a wide open view of the golf course really enhance the pleasure?

    It makes you wonder about any view – are the sensations caused really worth it?

    They are more pronounced in the early stages of ownership, and after a while do you even notice?

    View tends to be more about ego than anything else, which isn’t a bad thing, it just is. You can always drive to the beach/ocean/golf if you need a fix.


  4. It’s a Clairemont-sized house on a 1/2 acre. I love it.

    I think the value is in the open space / large lot / no neighbors – not in the view itself. I’d leave some of the trees to keep it private. If it is easy to get an addition approved, it is desireable. I’m not familiar with pricing up there, though.



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