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  1. 4/5ths of NFL players are broke 3 years after retirement. Sad.

  2. financial ed is a must for these guys. and you know what, guys that use to live it up and now flat broke should be going around the league giving lectures.

    $15 million translates to $500k yearly for 30 years, essentially the pay scale of a interventional cardiologist. these guys need to understand that the $15 mil need to last their entire lifetime because when they retire at age 35, that’s it!

  3. He must have scraped the chargers logo off the basketball court? A lot of work!

    P.S. This is my 1,200th video.

  4. I wonder if someone stole the palm in the back, those arent cheap.

    Sad he is broke after all that cash. They dont teach you to manage money in high school. you are thrown to the wolves who want your money.

    I guess if you never learn to sacrafice it is easy come easy go. I learned how to stretch a dollar growing up in a family of 5 kids.

    Shout out to the boys and girls club in San Diego. In the late 70’s the boys club allowed me to take trips to see the padres play.They allowed me to have a lot of fun that probably woudn’t have happened without them. If you ever want to donate to a real charity, send them a couple bucks.

  5. I’ve read about several of the NFL financial horror stories. They all make me sick to my stomach. The NFL now offers money management classes and access to trusted advisors. The problem is players are adults and no matter how stupid they might act with the money they’ve earned you can’t force them to invest properly.

  6. I wonder if the agent can write into the contract income distribution over 30 years. That would make a huge difference with taxes too.

  7. Ocrenter,

    The average NFL career is only ~3 years, and no player would sign that contract. They do have a decent retirement system, but I doubt things will ever change much; they’re simply hit with too much money too soon, and most will never really be prepared for that.

  8. I do realize that, just seem to be a better option for a group notoriously bad with money.

  9. Free will brother, free will.

  10. Hi Jim! Where do we get more info about the trustee sales? Thanks!

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