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Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV, Del Mar | 9 comments | Print Print

Del Mar Ocean View

Attention billionaires, this is a unique location!

It was awesome to see that the owner was an agricultural reporter – in the 1950s anybody could afford this! Tax-assessed value is $74,258.


  1. DEL MAR (CNS) – An extra two days on the schedule helped the San Diego County Fair break its total attendance record for the fourth year in a row, with more than 1.5 million people passing through the turnstiles at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, organizers announced Thursday.

    Total attendance over 24 days was 1,517,508. The per-day average was higher last year, however, when the previous record of 1,412,113 was set in 22 days, according to the fair.

    The fair has set total attendance records every year since 2009.

    Wednesday’s holiday crowd of 92,407 was the fifth-highest on record for a single day.

    “We are pleased we broke our all-time attendance record once again, making fair history during a still-sluggish economy,” said Tim Fennell, chief executive officer and general manager of the Del Mar Fairgrounds. “Because of these challenging times, we were proud to present a venue that provided a great value for our guests.”

    High-calorie fare continued to be popular among fairgoers, who bought 180,000 massive belly-buster burgers, 60,000 deep-fried Oreo cookies and 20,000 deep-fried pineapple rings.

    The fair website — — received nearly 1.1 million hits, up 8.4 percent, and in a sign of the technological times, the 213,000 hits to the fair’s mobile website marked an 87 percent increase.

    Organizers say the San Diego County Fair is the sixth-largest in the country.

  2. Jim,

    Seriously speaking… It’s great that you spend most of the video documenting a (cough) house that accounts for less than zero of the property value. You know the next owner will blitz it the moment escrow closes.

    Me, I love the peek into history. Can’t help but like that assessed value!

  3. Pimp lot and size that can be demolished immediately. Plus, i think that area is SD planning board, not Del Mar, so new owner can go nutz! Place will be amazing pretty soon!

  4. …sort of reminds me of big sur!!!

  5. Nice to see the “banjo boy” house from “Deliverance.”

    Great film.

  6. If that house were on a cheaper lot…say down in Baja California, you could actually do something MCM style and it would be a cool little beach house.

    But alas, it will be destroyed for yet another oversized stucco box. Lovely.

  7. Great video. It’s funny that an old shack like sits on land that’s worth a couple mil. The inside has a mountain cabin look. It’s kind of ashame it will be torn down once someone buys it. All that history disappears by a few passes of a bulldozer.

    Those trees are protected? If you buy the land isn’t it yours to do what you want? How do big developers get around this?

  8. I have been in some cabins like this that were built so long ago, with the same real wood paneling, etc. sitting right in between multi-million dollars homes on the waterfront of Lake Washington; and Lake Sammamish, WA.

    They are getting squeezed out one, by one… the lot they sit on is soooo valuable. Those Microsoft middle management folks up there want NICE waterfront homes; they have no trouble tearing down the old cabins.

  9. As for going down stairs on video: you did at least once before – you smacked your head on the low ceiling part way down…

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