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  1. Thanks Jim, I learn a lot from your site. BTW a fellow from KW was really pushing “Designations” as a marketing tool, especially “CRS”. He sounded real pumped but I can’t remember the meat of his argument…

  2. There is ‘broker’, and then everything else.

  3. The ceramic tile and the kitchen granite look fine. I have more trouble with all the beige-beige-beige, but that’s a common McMansion issue. I like the greenish granite used in the upstairs bathrooms, but the master tub is pretty wild. It looks perfect for performing a human sacrifice or occult ritual. As a bath tub, it’s just too much.

    What is it with builders and putting in all sorts of extra living areas and skimping on the bedrooms?

  4. They only skimp on the kids rooms. Guess they don’t matter anymore.

  5. mds – wow, that is a gorgeous house

  6. Floor plan looks familiar, by Davidson? Hope that slope behind the pool is stable, looks like there may have been a bit of movement, not a manufactured slope

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