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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV | 5 comments | Print Print


My tastes in music are focused on the more contemporary stuff.

W.C. has been covering the progress on the Hall Property park nearby – link here. I checked the park map here, and it turns out that the dog park will be built immediately adjacent to this house!.


  1. It’s a very nice house but that’s amazing how much the sun has bleached those floors. :stunned: Is it because of the older windows?

    Um, yeah, about that dog park…no thanks. Otherwise, it’s a nice house with a nice yard.

    -Signed, still recovering from our neighbor’s escaped chihuahua who crapped underneath our front window and I can’t find where he/she sh*t. But we can smell it when the sprinkers “moisten” it. 😡

  2. Ack! Sorry, I conflated your last two videos into one. The sun bleaching was a previous post.

  3. They were the same hardwood floors with the same problem!

  4. Jim – you’re killin me – Charlie Batch was black and never heard Bach type of music. Bach was white and never heard of a QB :). I almost busted a gut on that one.

  5. That was wifey with me, and her first experience of one of my video shoots. I had to come up with something sorta funny 😆

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