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  1. I hate everything about these homes: location, design, build, materials, price.

  2. This looks like 80’s modern combined with southern California environmentalist.

    Houses like this that aren’t in places like Palm Springs or Sedona where it doesn’t rain that much seem like they’d be a pain to keep the windows clean.

    I agree on the price.

    Also something to think about… What are all the rest of the houses going to look like when they’re developed? It’s really hard to get multiple modern houses to maintain a type of flow.

  3. 1. I like the general Asian modern/Dwell look.

    2. Thank goodness there’s an elevator.

    3. Cinderblocks!!!

    4. I’ve seen Norwegian prison cells that were cozier than that kid’s bedroom with cinderblock walls.

    5. I like the views of interior courtyard landscaping. That’s nice.

    6. No privacy! And if you cover the windows, you lose the whole point of this kind of modern, lots-of-windows look.

    7. The wood floors warm it up. The carpeted and tiled areas are depressing and claustrophobic.

    8. It’s in good condition, but very few people would want to live in it as-is, which makes the price problematic.

    9. Agreed about the problem of the vacant lots that could turn into anything, the cheap finishes, bizarre vertical floorplan and the family unfriendliness of this set-up. This is more a 1980s super villain’s lair (for super villains who don’t care about privacy).

    To sum up, interesting, but the price and the verticality of this property would make more sense if it were ocean-view. There’s no particular reason to live in this house at this location.

  4. Jim, I emailed you about these over two years ago, but they were MLS-listed at the time so you didn’t want to cover them on the blog. Glad to finally see the inside. Was wondering how they could justify the price ($3.5M per house back then). Answer is they couldn’t, and nobody bit.

    What’s so strange is that these are in a neighborhood of houses in the 600s and 700s. And those houses directly behind these (up the hill) that you pointed to look like they have better lots. I would think it would be hard to sell a million dollar house in this neighborhood, no matter how fancy they house itself is.

  5. Overpriced Ikeapalooza.

  6. Jim, thanks for answering the age old question of why the jailhouse look never took off.

  7. Back in 2003 (maybe 2004) we put an offer on the house across the street–1st one in from the gate. It was designed by Rob Quigly Wellington, who has designed many high profile public projects around town-Solana Beach Transit center/Downtown Children’s Museum/New Downtown Library/Etc… The house was on the market for around 90 days when we ran across in on the MLS. The day we put our offer in it went into escrow–sold for mid $900’s. I think was a steal at that price, of course we love the Dwell modern look.

  8. Like others here, the first thing to popped in to my head was that place reminds me of a prison cell. Way overpriced.

    The military jets are a big negative as well.

  9. I like modern, but don’t find this attractive at all. Interior bathrooms with no natural light or ventilation? No go for me— at any price!

  10. Crazy pricing…how much do you think the owner/builder has sunk into the houses, considering the land was basically free? I guess vertical living costs more.

  11. I’d buy that for 900k.

  12. Owing to the elegant dorm room motif, i’d say it looks like a house originally intended for twenty-something twits with significant stock options from Qualcomm.

  13. On the other hand, this would make a perfect dorm for a few Qualcomm interns, just pack 1-4 to each room with bunk beds and computer desks …IF the price was right 🙂 Cinderblocks rule!

    Glad to finally see the interior of one of these 🙂

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