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  1. An unfortunate end. RIP Seau.

  2. The recent accident must’ve been an early attempt.

    Loved watching the guy play… so sad.

  3. Jeebus. The 8th death from the ’94 super bowl roster.

  4. Just saw this Jim,

    RIP Junior.

    So sad.

  5. Absolute tragedy. Heartbreaking for the community and his family.

  6. Just saw a clip on ESPN of Junior’s Mom grieving for her son in front of the cameras.

    Truly heart wrenching, extremely sad.

    God rest your soul Junior Seau.

  7. he was a good man. He was an inspiration to many.

  8. Very unfortunate to hear about this.

    Not to say this is the case here. But one thing that has been seldom discussed is the welfare of NFL players after they retire. Especially after the constant and repeated head trauma leading to long standing persistent problems long after the on the field glory days are over.

  9. Yeah makes you wonder if it’s concussion or roid related. Tragedy nonetheless. The poor guy was hurting.

  10. As a long-time Broncos fan I cursed Junior more than once as he wreaked havoc in the backfield. But he was a warrior, one of the toughest competitors I’ve ever seen, and a class guy. RIP.

  11. I thought of you all when I read the news last night. The most chilling aspect was the report mentioned the suicide of another former player in February who shot himself in the chest so that his brain could be examined by those Boston researchers. 😥

    RIP, Junior.

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