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  1. Rents are going up because of the limited inventory and the inability for new builders to build.

    A few months ago my rent increased $200/month…that was 12.5%!!!

    Lets hope it doesn’t get as bad as it is in San Francisco when people are having their rents increase 30-40% year-over-year.

    How would you like to pay $3,200 for a 600-square foot apartment?

  2. Oh and I’ve only got a 1% pay raise in the last 3 years. But I can’t complain because I actually still have a job so I feel for those much worse off.

  3. Jim the Interviewer, seem like you managed to get all the questions all nicely woven in seamlessly. To the casual observer it appeared you guys were just having a nice yet extremely informative chat. Very nicely done!

  4. off topic a bit, but his company comes up with the most unusual and awkward floorplans, he markets nicely, though.

  5. Lots in lakeside, santee, el cajon, are almost free. From the mls land listings. Problem is the house next door is worth 275k.

  6. Good job, Jim.

    Liked the interview. Hated his answer regarding modern homes. He seems to be a realist. I’m sure that approach serves him well.

  7. Thanks for asking about the modern thing – I do appreciate it. As I suspected, the whole market is out-of-step but me !

  8. Bill, I just wanted to say I appreciated listening to the interview. Good questions JTR.

  9. The grass is always greener….

    I am a CA native and yet I love the brick homes of back east and the mid-west.

    I did go to high school and college in Santa Barbara so I know exactly what Davidson is talking about when he says he wants to try to capture that unique CA feel.

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