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  1. During the bubble years I commented that it was the best time to sell the worst house. Well, now it’s the time when only the best house will sell.

  2. San Marcos is one of the best special education school districts in the county, fyi. Could be a beautiful house, but the noise and monthly fees are a concern.

  3. Did you know that high schools like San Marcos and Carlsbad provide day care for kids of students?

  4. $649k

    Price will fix anything is what my T-Shirt Says!

  5. Jim, the video on the “freeway La Jolla” had me laughing the entire way through. Any potential buyer who saw the first 5 seconds was probably heading back down the driveway to their car….

    But like you always say, there’s nothing price won’t fix! The house is in decent enough shape and I wouldn’t put a new bedroom there, I’d stick a treadmill and a TV….and some weights.

    And I did not know that about about Carlsbad & San Marcos! Wow.

    I’m sure you know this, but it really isn’t about the score. It’s about the reputation. San Marcos schools have a horrible reputation and a buyer isn’t really going to pay much attention to the “numbers” because when it comes to sell….the SDUHSD/Encinitas Schools sound MUCH better. Carlsbad is in between.

    I know some close family friends who live oceanfront in Carlsbad…probably one of the most beautiful homes in Carlsbad….but they had their kids go to LCC via having the address listed in Encinitas (a friend’s place). The kids would have to spend the night there on multiple occasions.

    That’s what a reputation will do. And that’s Carlsbad. People don’t want San Marcos schools, they’d prefer NOT to go be in the Carlsbad school district and always want to be in the Encinitas schools.

    The numbers are rather insignificant, in my opinion. Because the first thing that comes to mind (in mine and in others, who aren’t even looking for homes) is that San Marcos schools are trash.

  6. There is nothing price wont fix? There is nothing cash cant cure!

  7. I like the colors of the finishes a lot (cream and dark brown, rather than beigey-beige), the railings and the light fixtures. I actually don’t mind the linoleum in the MBR, but it is pretty tacky to run it up against actual travertine.

    Jim makes a good point about the abuse of space downstairs–that is such a big problem with today’s large tract homes. I like college joe’s suggestion of using the MBR nook for a mini-gym.

  8. #5 college joe- you been out of the loop for far too long to be passing judgement on San Marcos school district.

  9. I’m sure this probably sold for over $1 million back in the bubble…with linoleum! LOL!

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