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  1. Did I hear $180K? Less expensive than I would’ve thought. Lots of great ideas there.

  2. I love it! Great design and great look.

    Why did he choose Viking over SubZero?

  3. Did the $180,000 include the kitchen and inside?


  4. Is the house going to be on the market?

  5. I like the finishes, but I can’t get over the layout. I have a visceral reaction. I think I would NOT buy the house based on that… must be something totally personal, because of all of the positive things about it.

    Very nice finishes, though and clearly thought through.


  6. Incredible work and lots of nice touches in the design.

    Can you comment on what are the primary aspects that drive the cost of a project like this? Is it the high-end materials and appliances? It seems Tom Tarrant’s Painted Lady shows an equal level fine finish and craftsmanship, yet he was able to rehab the entire house for less (same?) cost as this kitchen alone?

  7. That’s just like I remember my grandma’s kitchen. What with the wood stove and all.

  8. Correction: $180,000 + appliances, which were estimated at $50,000.

    The high-end materials are what push the costs higher, the labor is reasonably priced – but six-months worth will add up too.

    There was major construction to raise the ceiling. Because these guys always get permits, I’m sure there was engineering involved too.

  9. This kitchen was really too much for my taste. I would have expected that people who have that much money to spend on doodads could at least be less junky in their doodad storage areas. I couldn’t get past the disorganization of the pots and pans drawers and the under the sink cabinets. I mean , what are maids for?

  10. I guess everyone has different taste but I was about to mention that I think the designer and contracter did great work. The kitchen looks fantastic and I can see why it won Kitchen of the Year if I heard right in the video. Unfortunately, I feel that I would have to have a pretty expensive house to justify the cost of the remodel even if it was affordable for me.

  11. Did they have an estimate on the ceiling raise alone? I’m trying to gauge the cost of the remodel without the ceiling raise. We want to have a roughly similar kitchen, without all the special doodads that these owners put in.

  12. Was the lighting system and outside work included in the $180,000 (+$50,000 for appliances) cost?

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