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Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Ideas/Solutions, Psycho-babble | 9 comments | Print Print

Solving the Housing Crisis

While you’ll deserve the three minutes of your life back after watching this NAR video, at least our president says he is looking for answers.  The NAR Expo is in Anaheim next month, so I’m going to take him up on his offer when he is here and deliver recommendations to solve the housing crisis:


  1. There is no amount of artificial intervention that can ‘solve’ it. The government and banks must stop all the nonsense and let the market sort itself out. If that means lower prices to entice buyers… bring it on.

  2. I spent many years working with distributors in Canada. Many of the teams were composed of young adults dutifully saving for the down payments on their houses. They were not on a flipping binge seeking ever-larger housing. Plus, the banks in Canada are pretty conservative in their loans. So-to, the folks in flyover country where the expectations perhaps are not of instant riches but just to have a roof over one’s head and a bit of respite through the mortgage deduction. I think it can be safely said that so many got upside-down in urban areas by “dreaming beyond their means”.

    I recall an intense discussion on the subject at a wedding reception in Torrey Pines back in September of 2005. I just felt that something pretty scary was brewing.

  3. JtR,

    Please, please, please do speak truth to him. You know what needs to happen to fix this mess.

  4. “While you’ll deserve the three minutes of your life back after watching this NAR video”

    At the very least.

    Truly pathetic. I was OK until doughboy said Realtors need to be the ‘not merely the voice but the mind the architect and the author’then I vomited in my mouth and it came out through my nostrils trying to save my keyboard. Then I clicked this clown off before I became impotent. He looks like a PERFECT Orange County GOP leader and would look in a German Brown Shirt uniform from the 1930’s.

    Yeah, RIGHT. Look how great the NAR has been for the country so far.

    You owe me a keyboard.

  5. Jim, you have a strong stomach and a sadistic streak. I appreciate some of the educational programs my local board provides but the CAR and NAR are truly awful at PR. They have had plenty of reality checks, every one has bounced.

  6. Tom, you crack me up!

    Jim, thanks for the heads up–I knew to not even watch the video, but go directly to the comments. Give ’em h***, Jim!

  7. Jim – PLEASE have someone videotape that meeting! 🙂

  8. Perfect example of a Yutz

  9. Jim,

    You will deserve back any time you spend talking to him.

    Upton Sinclair had something famous to say along those lines.


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