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  1. Thanks for the tip about tumbled-texture.

    Also, I’ll bet that the cost on that edging is due to labor in the form of time-and-motion. They have to work all four sides of that piece and it’s not like shaping lumber.

    I like it, though, because it adds a rustic, hand-made look.

  2. JtR, not knowing what aesthetic, what design elements and what colors they have in the rest of the house or adjoining rooms makes it tough to know whether what you’re looking at makes good design sense or is just going to look like another DYI flipper.

    Why not use a smaller marble mosaic tile and border it with 12″ or 16″ tiles? It can add texture and visual depth.

  3. Well timed video. I’m starting to consider what to do with our bathroom right off the master. Might take a while though.

    Currently I’m restoring about 20 double hung windows. There should be a special place in hell for those that paint double hung windows shut.

  4. Shadash,

    There is. It’s called Barstow. (Where the windows are painted-shut to keep the dust out.)

  5. Thanks for doing videos like these Jim. This isn’t the first time we’ve owned a house, but it’s the first time we’ve owned one that isn’t brand new and could use some work. We aren’t expert DIYers so these videos are great for us!

  6. My wife, who’s been through this before, says go ahead and have fun – but in 5-10 years it’s still going to be “old fashioned” and “out of date”.

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