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Posted by on Oct 13, 2010 in Fraud | 11 comments | Print Print

Simi Valley Bando Light Show

OC Renter is BACKKKKKK……….he contributes the follow-up story on the previous post.

The folks from Simi Valley who are trespassing in their former home have an interesting hobby.

Every holiday season they produce a massive light show in the front yard of the house. If you feel like getting into the holiday spirit, here’s a link to her set of eight videos: Link to her website or enjoy the one below, complete with music from Disney’s Epcot:


  1. I want to call in an artillery barrage on that family.

  2. I’m all for “the spirit” but that’s just wacky.

    They should talk to Casinos in Vegas about creating light shows that bring in customers off the street. Might as well make money off they’re crazyness.

  3. That Family has way too much time on their hands.
    Instead they should get Christmas jobs and pay their mortgage.

  4. The key thing to remember here is this light-show-spectacular took place every year since their refi and was especially grand in X-mas of 2009, when obviously they were already in the foreclosure process. we know what their priorities are, and it isn’t keeping the home.

    someone need to link this to the major news outlets in LA.

  5. Their lawyer lives in Encinitas… get a rope.

  6. From last thread: “…and where in the world is the $340k difference between the cash out refi of $880k and the original purchase price of $539k? how come no one bothered to ask the Earls what happened to that money?”

    *Chuckle* And now we know…

  7. *Grin* ocrenter beat me to it.

  8. Wow! Their neighbors must go crazy with all that going on.

  9. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. What’s next?

  10. Nice to know the HELOCs have been well spent. I would not tolerate that if I were their neighbor. I wouldn’t even be accused of being a Scrooge or Grinch. One thing to celebrate the birth of Christ. Another thing to put on some gaudy spectacle. Maybe they can get jobs at Disneyland. I think they’ve spent too much time there. They are living in some Fantasyland. That’s for sure.

    OCR – I don’t know where you find this stuff, but glad you are still around to entertain us w/this stuff. Unreal.

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