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Posted by on Feb 2, 2010 in Monthly Sales Count, North County Coastal, Sales and Price Check, Thinking of Buying?, Thinking of Selling? | 10 comments | Print Print

Prelim January Numbers

The late-reporters will add a few extras, but here are the preliminary detached sales numbers for January, 2010:

Town or Area Zip Code Jan. 2009 Jan. 2010
Cardiff 92007 1/$563psf 3/$353psf
NW Carlsbad 92008 4/$274 7/$339
SE Carlsbad 92009 21/$276 24/$263
NE Carlsbad 92010 2/$220 3/$217
SW Carlsbad 92011 8/$262 4/$293
Del Mar 92014 7/$592 6/$482
Encinitas 92024 21/$353 21/$344
La Jolla 92037 14/$865 11/$546
RSF 67+91 7/$507 11/$471
Solana Bch 92075 10/$474 8/$545
S. RB 92127 22/$268 22/$263
Carmel Vly 92130 21/$358 26/$350
Totals 136/$395 146/$357

Here are the SFR stats from the MLS and foreclosureradar in those same zip codes for last month – 24% of the MLS sales were REO resales or short sales:

REO resales on MLS: 21
Short sales on MLS: 14
Trustee sales, REO: 32
Trustee sales, bought by 3rd party: 18
Trustee sales, cancelled: 56

If it weren’t for Del Mar and La Jolla’s cost-per-sf numbers dropping like they did Y-O-Y, the psf numbers would have been closer. As long as the low-inventory environment persists, the stats should look fairly steady.


  1. With the Chargers out of the playoff real estate showings and attention of male buyers should have picked up the last 2 weeks and this week! Obama is focused on making housing have traction, Looks like its working.


  2. Holy crud on the LJ and Cardiff deltas…
    At least the trend is good for buyers (except RSF and NE Carlsbad)… Lower YOY.


  3. “Obama is focused on making housing have traction, Looks like its working.”

    If you consider limiting supply a viable long term method for maintaining prices.

    * Also I’m not sure how much Obama’s gov policies are actually effecting the market. Banks aren’t putting properties on the market because they don’t want to actualize losses on paper assets. Obama can give buyers sacks of gov money but if the banks aren’t putting properties on the market very few are able to buy.


  4. The groundhog saw his shadow. This means more winter and less spring house selling. Bahh humbug. =(


  5. I wonder how many of those MLS short sales were also counted as cancelled Trustee Sales?


  6. What about SB, 92075? how’d we hold up? thx.


  7. Sorry, I omitted SB by accident – I updated the numbers this afternoon.


  8. First time home buyer credit+step up buyer credit+1.25T in MBS purchases=a 8% increase in overall sales and about a 10% decrease in per square foot pricing.


  9. The January numbers for La Jolla and Cardiff look dire, but keep in mind Dataquick also had December data indicating La Jolla up 33.3% and Cardiff up 45%.

    I don’t doubt Jim’s numbers but I think it was a quiet month.

    Look for a very strong February and frenzy come March.


  10. Thanks Jim. We’re pretty much settled in at our retirement “money-pit”, loving every minute of it & very likely not to move until we head for the olf (hopefully way down the road). But, even though we’re neither buyers nor sellers, I still enjoy checking out your site – it’s a kick AND it’s so darned info. loaded.



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