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Posted by on Jul 30, 2009 in Psycho-babble, Thinking of Buying? | 13 comments | Print Print

Living Small

Hat Tip to A.L. for sending these along;


This house is located near the intersection of Ave T and Van Sicklen:

Occupying what used to be a driveway, it’s a 1br/1ba home on a parcel of land 7.25 feet wide and 113.67 feet long. The interior area is just under 300 square feet:

The living room, looking towards the front of the house:

From the living room looking back:

They’ve managed to fit a washer and dryer into the kitchen!

The bedroom comes with a Murphy bed, which is a necessity in such a space. Here it is down:

The bedroom with the Murphy Bed retracted:

You also get some patio space in back, looking towards the house:

And here’s the patio looking towards the back:

Here are the home’s ‘Listed Features’:
* Completely redone top-to-bottom, front-to-back!
* Tumbled stone entrance walk
* Renovated Bath
* Renovated Kitchen with new stove, new cabinets and new stacked washer/dryer
* Bedroom with Murphy Bed + ‘Built-ins’ … (doubles as a den)
* Walkout to fenced patio
* 100 Amp service
* 2 Satellite Dishes and Receiver
* Window Air Conditioner Available

You get all this for……
ONLY $479,900!


  1. Woohoo! The housing bubble is ON! It’s 2005 all over again, baby!


  2. I’d like to meet the person that buys this “house”. Not just to heckle them and call them stupid. But also to wonder how in the world they thought buying this property was a good idea. I’d also like to meet the the listing agent and selling agent involved to ask if they even know what ethics or morals are.


  3. What a baragain.Maybe you could sell it to an investor so they can have some cash flow.


  4. I was going to make a comment or two regarding claustrophobia, but then thought better of it, since this house has a lot line and backyard size similar to some of those tighter CV tracts.


  5. If the price was right, this is no different than living in a studio or small one bedroom apartment.

    Of course, at almost half a million, as opposed to, say, fifty grand, the price is nowhere near right.


  6. “Every time I don’t check snopes, I get burned.” (JtR)

    *Chuckle* Don’t worry, Jim, we still love you! All you proved is that you’re human and can make mistakes.

    And I know if you had a client looking for a “cozy” home, you wouldn’t suggest this one at $1,599 sf! ($479,900/300 feet)


  7. Makes San Diego real estate look like a gigantic bargain!!!