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  1. Jim, love the videos but I often have difficulty viewing them. There’s a circle of dots that keeps showing up in the middle of the screen and the video keeps freezing. This of course turns a 3 minute video into an interrupted 10 minute video. I thought it was my computer and Windows XP settings, but I just got a new computer running Vista. Can you or anyone out there tell me what I need to set so the videos run correctly? I don’t have this problem with YouTube or videos at sites such as Calculated Risk, so I must need to change a setting. Your website is great, thanks for all the effort you put into it.

  2. Jim –

    What is the expected list price on this bad boy?

  3. Let’s see… one family in each closet, subdivide the master bedroom itself…

    Seriously, When you say “view” I say “for how long?” Scaling back projects like this often means racking up two story cheek by jowl tract homes on “lots” better suited for philately (stamp collectors).

  4. The new name of the tract should be “Neighborhood Formerly Known as Masterpiece”…Jim, maybe you should do another contest on the next name of the tract.

  5. @no_techie – It freezes because your Internet connection isn’t fast enough to keep up with it. You can try to click through to Youtube to view them, but it may not help. Upgrade your Internets ;)

  6. Jim,

    Do you have any idea what’s going to happen to this project? Surely there would be buyers for $1M…or are there no roads? What’s the scoop?


  7. You can really see Mexico? Is that a “good thing?”

    Seriously, what about the “risks” of basically homesteading in a failed subdivision? There doesn’t seem to be much upside. On the down side are there HOAs and M-Rs that might blow up in your face? What about protection from the inevitable mechanics’ liens?

  8. @Erica Douglass:

    I can’t imagine the problem is the internet connection. I have Verizon Fios service. Any other ideas?

  9. no techie,

    Here is the link to YouTube direct, if the quality improves it must be the blog – if not it could be YouTube, or…

    It looks OK on my screen direct from YouTube.

    Click here

  10. No Techie:

    Try Google Chrome or Firefox.

    Does anyone still use IE?

    Chuck Ponzi

  11. Here are the stats of bubbleinfo readers:

    1. IE 54.94%
    2. Firefox 34.74%
    3. Safari 7.85%
    4. Chrome 1.23%
    5. Opera 0.70%

  12. Erica,

    There is a road to the top that passes numerous graded lots, and to fix the problem they need to scale down the package. The builder was an LLC so going belly up didn’t matter much to them – now can they find additional investors or sell the package to someone who could build 3,200sf houses and make a living?

    Nothing price won’t fix….

    The most anyone is spending these days in SEH is around $800,000, so tack on a view premium of $200K tops and you have to keep the new product around $1 million each (in today’s market).


    Yep, just ask those Barratt buyers in Magnolia Estates. They have lis pendens on their title from mechanics’ liens that they had nothing to do with – the title company has to be very nervous.

    P.S. Seeing Mexico off in the distance is no big deal, but the night-light view over SD must be similar to an airplane view.

  13. I can’t imagine the problem is the internet connection. I have Verizon Fios service. Any other ideas? – no_techie

    As a “techie” my first idea; “it is Verizon FIOS.”

    Go to dslreports dot com and run a speed test. If you are slower than other locals it is almost surely software on your machine. Vista? No clue. Actually lots of clues but I can’t come out to help you o it sounds nicer. XP? Then reboot with extensions off and network enabled. Faster? Then it is virus or an add-on. Same? Then it is connection, connection settings or viruses.

  14. [lis pendens]… the title company has to be very nervous. – JtR

    I have so many comments competing to get out.

    1. Title companies are a scam. They work perfectly for a very high price until they don’t. In up markets appreciation was used to cover liability rather than responsibility. In down markets deprecation is blamed.

    2. I think title insurance is archaic. We don’t rely on pony express being waylaid for clouded titles. A 72 hr waiting period would eliminate the entire subindustry.

    3. Finally, I must emphasize that an incomplete neighborhood is a neighborhood exposed to being developed to the least common denominator.

    Jim, keep up the great work. You and your blog are rare shining jewels in the cave of RE.

  15. no-tech, it’s connection speed. Or something related to the speed at which your computer can gather and process the video data. Use that information as you wish.

    As an aside-Just because lots of people still use IE doesn’t make it any better of a browser. Lots of folks bought britney spears last album, didn’t make any better.

    The view from up there is great but it’s still San Marcos. This is a great example of land that didn’t need to be developed when it was (or will be as the case may be). When there is sufficient demand there’ll be no question of how much the houses will sell for, buyers will be clamoring for them.

  16. “They surrendered”
    ROFL. What made it funnier is that I thought you were talking about Mexico.

    When I was about 9 my family moved to a subdivision that was about 1/4 built out and then the builder went bankrupt. It looked similar to this tract, except that the lots weren’t graded. It was nice for a while – we were on an acre and there were open lots on both sides. We didn’t have to worry about ballooning MR or HOA fees though. Still, if you have kids it would give them pleny of room to go stomping around. If someone were to finish building the rest of the houses, there’s plenty of scrap wood available for treehouse / fort building :D

  17. Rob:
    Your #3 bullet point is true, but in the case of what I was referring to in my last comment a custom builder came in and built nicer homes than what was currently in the subdivision. Sometimes you get lucky.

    OT, Do/did you surf? Something gave me that idea but I can’t remember what.

  18. You can really see Mexico? Is that a “good thing?”

    …Qualifies you as a VP candidate

  19. What are the Mello Roos on those? Atherton just down the hill has steep HOA and MR fees. I wonder how fast the estate homes upside down on top will squish the rest down.

    Nice properties up there, elementary and middle schools are good. Ocean view overlooking La Costa on many properties.

  20. You can’t see Mexico from there. (OK, maybe only a tiny bit)

    Masterpiece and Symphony are located at the elevation of 1300 feet, roughly 40 miles from the border. Distance to the horizon at 1300 feet is just under 50 miles. Views to the south-south-east are blocked by Cielo mountain range. There’s no Mexico to the south, just the ocean.

    If you get up there with a good telescope in perfect weather, and you point at 175 degrees, you might be able to see downtown SD, San Diego Bay, Imperial Beach and possibly a bit of Tijuana on the horizon.

  21. That was actually a nice-looking place. What would you guys call a good price for it (not fantasyland deal, but somewhat fair) in this market?

  22. That was actually a nice-looking place. What would you guys call a good price for it (not fantasyland deal, but somewhat fair) in this market?

    A couple of houses with comparable views were sold in San Elijo Hills this summer/fall for 800-900k:

    - 1476 Misty Sea Way for 824k
    - 1472 Schoolhouse Way for 865k

    This one is considerably larger (around 6000 s.f. vs 4000 s.f.) but I don’t think that extra 2000 s.f. would affect the price much. It has a slightly bigger lot. I can see it selling for a million, maybe a bit more.

  23. Thank you everyone for the tech suggestions. I will try the proposed fixes and report back.

  24. no_techie,

    FWIW, I am not in a main-stream area and sometimes with youtube videos, after it starts to play, I press “pause” and do something else while the entire video downloads (the lighter red line growing past the “you-are-here” knob). After that, I never have interruptions in the video play, even with a slow connection.

    Sounds like you got some good advice, however, from others and your connection should not be slow like mine.

    Good luck!

  25. I think I found the problem. This morning I’m able to play the video smoothly, so the issue is that the FIOS connection is unstable. Does anyone know is there’s a fix for this from Verizon?

    I’m not a techie, but I listen to Leo LaPorte and do the best I can, and I learned from his show to get out of IE. Too bad I didn’t realize that was Inland Empire as well as Internet Explorer.

    Chuck Ponzi, I use Firefox. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Rob Dawg, thanks for the reference to

    ice weasal, thanks for the mention of the connection speed.

    Jim, thanks for your comments and all the work you put into this blogsite.

  26. I was up there too and had the same experience as in 2008 – it seems far-fetched.

    Davidson is selling non-Davidson homes without specific prices.

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